At the moment, the daily intake of sugar in our diet is too high. It can cause diabetes and other metabolic diseases. How should you consume sugar to be normal? It must include a healthy diet, balanced exercise and mediation to keep stress away, as well as taking some pills or get the right diagnosis for your body. Our body needs sugar, but it is very important to control the intake of this product. In the article you will find at the end of the recommendations for normal blood sugar level. Remember that you need to monitor your glucose level regularly. Time of day, physical activity and what you're eating or drinking can affect your blood sugar level. In order to receive a good result, we must follow certain rules. These rules involve nutrition, physical activity and rest. Sugar Diet: How To Control Sugar, is a how-to book taking in consideration the changes in human life-style and the nutrition in order to create a complete diet, different from what we have nowadays, a diet for people who want to achieve better health and well-being. This book contains recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack) suitable to be part of every day's meals. The book will discuss the principles of how to control sugar dosage by combining the natural sweet foods with more effective herbal medicine, the right combination can effectively lower blood sugar and improve insulin secretion and sensitivity to reveal a low-sugar body detected by people around you This diet has many positive and useful features that will help you to get rid of the problem of sugar metabolism. These features are: Sugar begins to get into our body not only from sweet food, but also from most of the other products in which it is used. A lot of sugar in tea, coffee, cereal or chocolate. The consumption of sugar in the average person is increased. When long-term intake, nerve disorders and inflammation of the body can occur and we call this disease diabetes. The program cures this problem by using defatted sugarcane juice processed yielded from sugarcane. This program is safe to use for humans, so you do not have to worry about side effects on the body.

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